Brandon Curry Coach Throws Shots At Phil Heath

Brandon Curry. However he may have taken things too far when he recently talked some trash about the returning Phil Heath.

Heading into the 2020 Mr. Olympia there are a lot of exciting storylines to keep an eye on. However there is no denying that the biggest of these is the return of Phil Heath, as he tries to take his throne back from Brandon Curry. This will be the first time the seven-time Mr. Olympia has competed since losing his title to Shawn Rhoden in 2018, so fans are buzzing to see how he will do against Curry.

With seven weeks to go until the contest, there have been questions as to how each of these men looks. Curry has been pretty open about his physique during his prep, posting fairly regular physique updates. In fact his coach, Abdullah Al Otaibi posted another update to Instagram recently, giving a glimpse of his athlete’s physique. At the same time however, he fired shots at Heath for being somewhat quiet about how his training is going.

“Here’s a look of the King in today’s bodybuilding. His face looks like 2 weeks out. Not like the one who claims being a king but in reality he’s living in the past, posting an old pic of him.

We will teach him a lesson in 7 weeks 😉”


This comment about living in the past and posting old pictures is in reference to one of the few updates that have come from Phil Heath since his prep began. This was a post to Instagram by a friend of his, showing how huge Phil is. The only problem with that, is the fact that this picture is a month old

“We want to thank @shuriecremona for sending me this picture of the DREAM KILLER @philheath . This picture was taken 1 month ago today . @philheath is healthy and the body is responding to the training like never before . 2020 Olympia we shall see the finished product, but as you can tell @philheath is looking out of this world . This will be a Olympia to remember. Phil Heath the dream killer wants number 8 . I can’t wait this is gonna get NASTY .”


Now to be clear, just because the update from Phil is a month old does not mean he is not working hard currently. However it is interesting to see how Brandon Curry is looking, and how his coach his amping up their rivalry. Regardless it will all be decided this December, in Las Vegas.

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