Dana Linn Bailey And Her Husband Shut Down Warhouse Gym

Rob and Dana Linn Bailey have been hit particularly hard by this, as they revealed that they are being forced to close the doors of their gym.

The Warhouse Gym has been a big part of Dana and Rob’s lives for a long time. They have been operating the gym for about five years, giving athletes a platform to train in an elite environment. Moreover they have held various events in the facility over those years, building something of a following of people who use the building for a variety of resources.

Unfortunately it seems that the trials and tribulations of 2020 have affected Rob and Dana Linn Bailey, as well as their gym, in a big way. According to a post to their gym’s Instagram page, they are being forced to close down their facilities for good. Effective immediately, they will be closing their doors, canceling their memberships, and selling their equipment.

“We have some unfortunate news which is accompanied by every single reason and every single excuse that I don’t want to cover,” Rob said. “Literally worked until the last minute to try and keep from having to make this announcement. We’ve been working a long time to try to not make this announcement, but unfortunately all great things in the world have to come to an end. As of this morning, Warhouse Gym is closed forever. We will be selling off the equipment this week, we’ll be posting price lists on our (Instagram) Story.”

“We just want to thank all the members of the gym,” Dana Linn Bailey said. “And everyone who has come across the United States, across the world, that have come to share our journey and your experience with us and to come out and hang out with us at events.”

It is heartbreaking to see Rob and Dana Linn Bailey being forced to close their gym doors. You can see them holding back tears as they describe what is happening. Hopefully this will not be the end of their gym owning days, and they will be able to bounce back from here.

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