IFBB Tampa Pro 2020 Results – Day 1

2020 IFBB Tampa Pro is going down this weekend, with tons of action going down in Florida. This is the results from the Pro Men’s Physique and Women’s Bodybuilding events.

As the first major bodybuilding contest to return since the global health crisis, there are a ton of eyes on this year’s Tampa Pro. The events will span throughout the weekend, as all of the athletes from around the world put their physiques on display.

However the first of these events went down on Friday, with winners being named in the pro side of the Men’s 212, Men’s Physique, Classic Physique, Women’s Physique and Women’s Bodybuilding divisions. Below are those results:

2020 Tampa Pro Results

Men’s 212 Bodybuilding

The 212 Division always delivers some impressive physique, and the Tampa Pro was no different. There were a ton of exciting, up and coming talent on the roster this year. However George Peterson who recently switched from Classic Physique to 212 division would end leaving with the first place victory.

1. George Peterson
2. Dectric Bo Lewis

3. Derik Oslan
4. Aaron Clark
5. Kevin Johnson
6. Adam Young
7. Justin Randall
8. Santi Aragon
9. Derik Farnsworth
10. Shane Stewart

The women’s side of bodybuilding is really starting to blow up, with tons of exciting talent. LaDawn McDay seems to have found her place among these top competitors. She did a good job proving this, by besting the rest of those taking the stage with her, and winning the IFBB Tampa Pro.

1. LaDawn McDay
Janeen Lankowski
3. Maria Flores
4. Hailey McGrath
5. Pamela Hannam
6. Michelle Brent


Like most Masters competition, there were not a lot of athletes competing in the Physique division of the IFBB Tampa Pro. However all ten ladies who walked the stage, did so with the intent to win. With them all having great conditioning, Ivie Rhein was deemed the winner this time around.



The Men’s Physique division one that favors the smaller men. It puts a focus on the upper body, with favoritism being shown to those having wide shoulders and a small waist. In the end, Andre Ferguson would be the one to emulate these qualities best, earning his spot at the top of the rankings.

1. Andre Ferguson
2. Anthony Gilkes
3. RaShaud Watson
4. Corey Morris
5. Daniel Ammons
6. Charjo Grant
7. Tommy Clark
8. Brian Lloyd
9. Michael Anderson
10. Benquil Marigny


The Classic Physique Division is always a fan favorite, no matter what the competition is. The IFBB Tampa Pro was exception to this rule, as there was some serious excitement around this division. At the end of the day, Deontrai Campbell made a big enough of an impact to get the win.



2020 Tampa Pro Final Results & Scorecards

2020 Tampa Pro Scorecard 212
2020 Tampa Pro Scorecard 212
2020 Tampa Scorecard Classic Physique
2020 Tampa Scorecard Classic Physique
2020 Tampa Scorecard Men's Physique
2020 Tampa Scorecard Men’s Physique
2020 Tampa Scorecard Men's Physique
2020 Tampa Scorecard Men’s Physique
2020 Tampa Scorecard Women's Bodybuilding
2020 Tampa Scorecard Women’s Bodybuilding
2020 Tampa Scorecard Women's Physique
2020 Tampa Scorecard Women’s Physique

There is still a ton of competition left to go for the 2020 IFBB Tampa Pro, as the rest of the weekend develops. Congratulations to the winners so far. However the majority of the contest is yet to unfold, and there will be a ton of exciting action planned for the rest of the weekend.

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