Romania Muscle Fest Pro 2020: Competitors List Revealed

2020 Romania Muscle Fest Pro is upon us, and the competition is promising to be surprisingly exciting. This is a full list of the athletes who will be competing at this event.

With the Olympia being delayed this year by the global pandemic, it has been easy to forget about some of the other bodybuilding contests that are coming up ahead of the massive event in Vegas. One such event that has flown under the radar is the Romania Pro, which goes down in Bucharest on November 14th and 15th. Several competitors from around the world, but largely centered in Europe, will be taking the stage and looking to have big performances.

A few days before the contest, the IFBB has released the list of competitors who will take part in the 2020 Romania Muscle Fest Pro. More than a hundred bodybuilders will take the stage across 9 divisions, which each weight class winner earning a spot at the 2021 Mr. Olympia. Below is the full list of athletes competing this weekend.

Men’s Open

Mens Bodybuilding Romand Muscle Fest 2020
via IFBB

Classic Physique

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Men’s 212

Mens 212 Bodybuilding Romania Muscle Fest 2020
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Men’s Physique

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Women’s Open

Womens Bodybuilding Romania Muscle Fest 2020
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Bikini Division

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Women’s Physique

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Figure Division

Figure Romania Muscle Fest 2020
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Wellness Division

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There are a few exciting athletes who will be competing at the Romania Pro. By far one of the biggest name that appears on this list is the U.K.’s Samson Dauda, but this is far from an easy win for him. He will have to go up against a lot of tough and exciting protects if he plans to end on top here. However it was also revealed on Instagram after this list was released that Lionel Beyeke will be attending the event on short notice 

“Today we have some EPIC news in the land of bodybuilding. @lionelbeyeke is doing @romania_muscle_fest_pro 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 . @lionelbeyeke has faced some dark times ( prepped for 2019, 2020 Arnold Classic was not able to go to either of them ) , but we believe glory will come in Romania. @lionelbeyeke is finally back and this show now is officially EPIC. Beyeke fans worldwide are really looking forward to this return. We can’t wait to see him back “

The 2020 Romania Muscle Fest Pro has a lot to offer in terms of bodybuilding talent. It is far from the most stacked event, but this show has always served as a solid proving ground for young upstarts making a name for themselves, and this year seems no different.

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