Top 15 Female Athletes With Heaviest Bench Press

Breaking Down The Heaviest Bench Presses Among Females

Female health athletes have at all times gotten a little bit of a nasty rep, with folks contemplating them to be much less succesful. However, as we exhibit at the moment, that is not essentially the case.

When it involves the bench press, there may be not a greater chest train. Therefore, it’s a good method to pinpoint simply how robust am athlete is. While bodybuilders will not be essentially required to be robust, they nonetheless want a sure degree of muscularity. As a end result, the bench press is a staple of each female and male athletes.

Obviously when evaluating women and men, there’s a large discrepancy. However, this isn’t to say that feminine athletes are not as succesful. There are some girls who may simply out-bench males within the gymnasium, with some spectacular lifts. Today we’re going to try a few of these superb girls, who’re in a position to bench press unbelievable quantities.

These are 15 of the highest feminine health athletes, and their heaviest bench press:

15. Pauline Nordin – 110lbs

Pauline Nordin
Photo through Instagram @paulienordin

Pauline Nordin is likely one of the IFBB’s high feminine bodybuilders. She has additionally made a reputation for herself as a health mannequin, and private coach. She even was in a position to be a coach on the Nordic model of “The Biggest Loser,” placing her coaching expertise to the take a look at.

When it involves bench urgent, Nordin doesn’t truly embody that into her exercise routine. However, what she does embody is dumbbell presses, which is basically the identical factor. When doing the train, she makes use of 55lb dumbbells. Therefore it’s secure to imagine that she would have the ability to do a set of 110lb, if she have been to change to bench urgent.

14. Oksana Grishina – 200lbs

Oksana Grishina bodybuilders
Photo through Instagram @oksanagrishina

Originally hailing from Russia, Oksana Grishina moved to California to additional pursue her profession in health. As the reigning Ms. Fitness Olympia champion, she is established as one of many most elite feminine bodybuilders on this planet. As a end result, it’s anticipated that she is to be in wonderful conditioning.

Weighing in at 115lb, she someway manages to bench press a strong 200lb. While alone that’s not too loopy, in comparison with her body weight this turns into spectacular. Honestly she may most likely do higher if she desired, however she usually maintains her chest growth by lifting 110lb in prep.

13. Tina Nguyen – >200lbs

Tina Nguyen
Photo through Instagram @tinang13

As a 2014 NPC National Figure Champion, Tina Nguyen rapidly established herself as a high expertise. Furthermore, when she has gone on to win the 2017 San Antonio Pro, she made herself recognized amongst feminine bodybuilders. She is thought for her unimaginable physique, whereas sustaining a really female look. As a end result, she has amassed a huge following on Instagram.

When it involves her gymnasium work, Nguyen isn’t any slouch. Although it’s value noting that the bench press will not be part of her common routine. However she has revealed that she is ready to bench greater than Barack Obama, who can hit 200lb.

12. Dana Linn Bailey – 225lbs

Dana Linn Bailey bodybuilders
Photo through Instagram @danalinnbailey

One of essentially the most elite feminine bodybuilders on this planet, Dana Linn Bailey is a fantastic expertise. She gained the 2013 Mr. Olympia within the Women’s Physique division. These performances have allowed her to achieve an unimaginable reputation, getting over 1,000,000 Instagram followers.

Bailey has an extremely toned physique, resulting from an intense coaching routine. Part of that includes a strong and decently heavy bench press. When she hits the gymnasium, she is know to have the ability to pull an spectacular 225lb.

11. Dena Westerfield – 315lbs

Dena Westerfield
Photo through Instagram @denawesterfield

Dena Westerfield is a bodybuilder hailing from Florida. She made a reputation for herself along with her cumbersome body, and spectacular muscle mass. However, she has made her largest impression as a private coach, serving to others obtain their success.

Westerfield spends quite a lot of time within the gymnasium, working with different folks. Despite that, she nonetheless manages to search out time to practice herself. Her bench press is fairly spectacular, hitting a huge 315lb. It will not be typically for feminine bodybuilders to hit a bench press of over 300lb, however she crushes it.

10. Kristy Hawkins – 319lbs

Kristy Hawkins
Photo through Instagram @kristy_hawkins

Kristy Hawkins is an extremely achieved people, and never simply as a bodybuilder. She has additionally achieved a ton as a powerlifter. Moreover, and maybe most impressively, is that she can also be a chemical engineer.

When it involves her exercises, Hawkins additionally takes a scientific strategy. This has allowed her to get a bench press of 319lb, setting her above a lot of her friends. This is a fairly spectacular raise, nearly as loopy as the remainder of her life accomplishments.

9. Dayana Cadeau – 352lbs

Dayana Cadeau
Photo through Instagram @ifbbprodayanacadeau

Dayana Cadeau is an extremely achieved bodybuilder, having competed for over 20 years. She is thought for her large physique, but sustaining symmetry. Even getting older, and turning 51, she nonetheless retains her kind, even getting leaner lately.

Cadeau’s strategy to coaching places extra of a concentrate on approach, over bulk. However she has been in a position to hit a one raise max of 352lb on the bench press. As far as feminine bodybuilders are involved, that is past unbelievable.

8. Julia Vins – 363.76lbs

Julia Vins 363.76lbs
Julia Vins 363.76lbs (Photo through Instagram @julia_vins)

Julia Vins is likely one of the hottest feminine athletes on this planet at the moment. Known as “Muscle Barbie,” she gained a large social media following for her doll-like face, with unimaginable physique. This Russian athlete has made herself an enormous identify within the health world, and as an Instagram mannequin.

In the gymnasium, Vins usually focuses on her legs, that are her favourite factor to work. However, she does have the power to department out into different elements of weight coaching. This is a results of her having the ability to break some powerlifting data. When it involves the bench press, her max raise is 363.76lb, which isn’t too shabby.

7. Iris Kyle – 375lbs

Iris Kyle
Photo through Instagram @iriskyle

Few different feminine bodybuilders are as spectacular, and achieved as Iris Kyle. She has managed to achieve heights of recognition, setting her aside from different girls. She is acknowledged for her huge measurement, and nice definition.

Size like that, doesn’t come with out coaching onerous. Kyle is recurrently placing in onerous work within the gymnasium, main her to a long-lasting profession. However, she has been recognized for having the ability to hit a 375lb bench press. This alone, is nearly past comprehension, however she made it look simple.

6. Debi Laszweski – 375lbs

Debi Laszewski
Photo through Instagram @debilaszewski

Debi Laszewski is just like Iris Kyle, within the sense that she can also be recognized for her huge measurement. While it isn’t one thing that’s for everyone, she is happy with her male-like physique. She places a ton of labor within the gymnasium, to have achieved these outcomes, and she will not be ashamed of that.

That work is, partially, an element of her skill to bench press huge weights. She loves the bench, calling it her favourite compound train. As a end result, she has a max raise of 375lb, making her one of many strongest feminine bodybuilders on this planet.

5. Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia – 375lbs

Yaxeni Oriquen Garcia bodybuilders
Photo through Instagram @yaxenita

At 51 years previous, Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia nonetheless has an unbelievable physique. Another huge girl, she is a cumbersome bodybuilder, who’s recognized for her measurement. While this model will not be enticing to some, she has discovered happiness in herself, and the issues that she does.

In the gymnasium, Yaxeni continues to be in a position to go onerous, regardless of her age. Her highest bench press ever is 375lb, which is solely impeccable. Therefore, she is likely one of the strongest girls to ever stroll the bodybuilding stage.

4. Nataliya Kuznetsova – 375lbs

Nataliya Kuznetsova
Nataliya Kuznetsova

Nataliya Kuznetsova is likely one of the most bodily imposing feminine bodybuilders ever seen. She has a measurement and body that appears nearly cartoonish, with it’s huge bulk. However, it’s recognized that that is purely a product of onerous work, and intense coaching.

Update: Nataliya “Amazonka” Kuznetsova Looks Huge Ahead Of Romania Pro

Another particular person in a position to bench press 375lb, Kuznetsova is once more one of many strongest girls alive. She has been in a position to make use of her unimaginable achievements to grow to be an ambassador for feminine bodybuilding, usually. She actually is a bodily specimen, and a beast of a girl.

3. Erica Cordie – 150lbs (Four reps)

Erica Cordie bodybuilders
Photo through Instagram @erica.cordine

Erica Cordine is thought for her skill to have a respectable measurement, regardless of being all-natural. She continues to be in a position to be profitable, and robust, even with none form of steroids. Therefore, in the case of feminine bodybuilders, she is spectacular in her personal proper.

Now, Cordine doesn’t practice chest, so she doesn’t bench press. Nevertheless, she has a ton of muscle in her chest, and is ready to maintain it on. As a end result, when taking a look at her coaching movies, it appears doubtless that she would have the ability to do 4 reps, at 150lb, if she have been to take to benching.

2. Alina Popa – 242lbs (4-6 reps)

Alina Popa bodybuilders
Photo through Instagram @alinapopa1

Alina Popa is a Romanian bodybuilder, who has been competing for over twenty years. Therefore she has constantly demonstrated unimaginable skill, resulting in a fantastic physique. At 39 years previous, she continues to be trying large, with no signal of slowing down.

When taking a look at her measurement, it appears doubtless that Popa may attain a one rep max of over 300lb within the bench press. However, she has not tried that at any level. Although she does say she usually hits 242lb for 4-6 reps, which continues to be mind-boggling.

1. Becca Swanson – 600lbs

Becca Swanson
Photo through Instagram @bigbeccaswanson

Becca Swanson is considered the strongest girl to have ever walked the planet, even on our personal itemizing. She has some unbelievable lifts in her accolades, reaching large success over her profession. In truth, she holds many powerlifting data, and championships for her efforts through the years.

The cause Swanson tops this record, is for her heaviest recorded bench press. She fully dominates her different contemporaries, having bench pressed a gigantic 600lb! That is horrifying heavy, for both male or feminine athletes.

Female bodybuilders are beginning to acquire a ton extra respect within the health world. With bench press expertise like this, it’s simple to see why. The incontrovertible fact that so many ladies can raise this heavy defies the expectations of many, and proves that they’re simply as robust as their male counterparts.

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